About us

Who are we

We are a small group of independent assessment and apprenticeship experts, who have a wealth of experience in different occupational roles. We are End Point Assessors, Academic Advisors and Freelance Consultants. We have all assessed apprenticeships across a range of EPA assessment methods. We know how to help you with this final stage of the apprenticeship journey.

How we help

Our main aim is to support apprentices, employers and training providers with the gateway and end point assessment process. We are here to help guide you and advise on the types of things that will be expected. We provide consultancy advice either in person or through online tools (eg Zoom), deliver webinars and develop bespoke EPA materials for your organisation to use. We also provide technical advice on how to use different End Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO) portals.

Quick response

We pride ourselves on providing a quick response to your queries. We understand that some EPA assessments are urgent and we do our best to be flexible and responsive to your needs. We recommend you book us early on in the apprenticeship journey, as this is the best way to prepare the apprentices for what is ahead. We also provide one to one support for anyone struggling with EPA, or for groups of apprentices. Tell us what you need and we will be happy to accommodate you.

Conflict of interest.

In order to ensure we deliver our services with integrity, we have a ‘conflict of interest‘ policy. This means that we match you up to a consultant or advisor who has no involvement with your business and any End Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO) you are registered with. As most of our advisors and consultants are contracted to the EPAOs, we would not be able to support your apprentices and assess them later. Please let us know which EPAOs you are registered with so we can avoid any conflict of interest.